Okashi Land, Your Snacks and Confectionery Paradise

Okashi land is one of the leading retail chains in Hong Kong, specialising in providing high quality Japanese gift boxes, snacks and confectioneries. Offering over 2,000 products from Japan and over the world including popular brands such as Meiji, Glico, Bourbon, Lotte, Guylian, Bandai, Calbee, Haribo, Four Seas and etc, we are committed to providing newest, great-tasting and superb quality snacks to customers and creating an exciting shopping experience.

Okashi Stamp

Okashil Land has a “Okashi Stampl” App. A free selected item will be offered once collected enough stamps in the promotion period. The constantly renewed stamps products, regularly launched offers and surprises will bring you endless surprises!

VIP membership

Over the years since 1997, Okashi Land has built up its membership system. Normal member will be promoted to VIP member upon purchase $500. Special promotions and offers are exclusive to all VIP members, including the monthly member day.

Full of Japanese snacks
and joy

Okashi Land is full of popular Japanese snack brands, like Calbee, Glico, Rakuten, Meiji, etc. In recent years, the beloved Okashi Land introduced the Japanese ice cream, snacks and ice cream lovers are very excited and can’t wait to try them all!