【Mother’s Day Special Event】Oksahi Land Member’s Day on May 8th

Mother’s Day is coming, and if you’re searching for a unique and delicious way to express your love for Mom, look no further! Oksahi Land has prepared a special surprise for you. On May 8th, we are hosting a Member’s Day event where a variety of selected snacks will be available at incredible member prices! What’s even more exciting is that all members can enjoy an additional 20% off the regular price! Whether you prefer sweet or savory, we have a wide selection of snacks with rich flavors for you to choose from.

Mother's Day Special Event! Okashi Land Member's Day, exclusive 20% discount for members, and a selection of premium snacks for you to savor!

Whether it’s potato chips, cookies, or chocolates, every snack has been carefully selected to bring you an excellent taste experience! Whether you want to enjoy them by yourself or share them with your mom, these delicious snacks will bring joy and warmth to your Mother’s Day celebration.

Make your Mother's Day even more special

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for Okashi Land Member’s Day! Not a member yet? Download the Okashi Land app, create your member account, and enjoy the incredible member prices and 20% off discount on May 8th! Let’s together prepare a delicious and surprising Mother’s Day gift for Mom!

Whether you enjoy it by yourself or share it with your family, Okashi Land’s Member’s Day offers will definitely bring deliciousness and satisfaction to your Mother’s Day. Take action now and let’s celebrate this special holiday together, making it sweet sweet with Mom!

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